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What We Do


We connect people who are interested in volunteer opportunities to assist seniors to care for their pets. We welcome people of all ages to join the Cape Cod Pet Collective (CCPC)!

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Who We Are


CCPC is a network of volunteers and organizations dedicated to building inter-generational social connections through a shared love of animals.

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Ways To Get Involved


If you want to connect with others and be of service in your community, we want you to be part of CCPC!

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Donate to CCPC

Your support and contributions will enable us to purchase supplies to assist seniors with their pets and extend our outreach in the community!

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Learn more about the Cape Cod Pet Collective, sign-up to volunteer with your pet or let us know your ideas!



Pet Connect

We are interested in launching a program that allows working professionals to pet-share with a senior in their community. More to come!

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Pet Assist

Volunteer to help a senior who has a pet! Take their dog for a walk, drive their cat to a vet appointment or just visit.

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Pet Planning


We are creating resources for seniors to plan in advance how their beloved pets will be cared for if they are hospitalized or face unexpected circumstances. We are trying to spread the message of just how important this is for people and their animals!

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